New Year, New Site

New Year, New Site

2020 ushers in a new decade with exciting possibilities and opportunities. I find it fitting to celebrate the new decade with a redesigned website.

2020 is a brand new decade, long gone is the anxiety of the Millennium bug, the awe of the human genome or the gratification of landing on our neighbouring planet. Personally, the last 20 years have been marked with various high and low points, similar to most people. However, this site serves the future and hence I find it only fitting that a new decade, ushers in a redesigned website.

My websites and servers have always served as an isolated experimental environment, one to master, acquire and refine skills. From the combined human knowledge and my tinkering, my understanding of the sciences as a whole has expanded vastly. The key to comprehension and understanding was not to study subjects or concepts in isolation, but rather to study the underlying structures upon which these are built.

It takes a village to raise a child. - African Proverb

As a result, I have changed the vision of my website for the next decade, rather than simply operating in isolation with my site gathering dust on the mantlepiece of the interwebs, I have decided to breathe life into this site. This site will document my tinkering, showcase my projects, share my code and give an outlet to my learning and insights gained. Hopefully in such a way, I can contribute back to the community that taught me some much over the past 20 years.

Colleagues are well versed with my statement that infrastructure and boilerplate code should be separated from business logic. With regards to website and blog management, this means separating structure from content. To implement this, I have turned to Jekyll, which is a static site generator, allowing me to put down the structure of the site and as it was color in the site with content, similar to paint by numbers.

If you reading this and still using tech from the previous decade, literally, some dynamic site, every time rerendering the same page for different visitors, I urge you to explore static site generators.

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