Internet Telephony Administrative Domain (ITAD)

Internet Telephony Administrative Domain (ITAD)

ITAD (Internet Telephony Administrative Domain) numbers are very similar to ASN (Autonomous System Number) in that they define a boundry of telephone administration under the control of one organisation.

ISN are ITAD Subscriber Numbers which is a numeric only identifier which can be used to locate to an IP-based service. Important to note that ISN number are organisationally managed and not geographically like most PSTN (Plain-Simple Telephone Network) numbers. The advantage of an ISN number is that it can be dailed from any telephone handset as the ISN number is only composed of numbers and an asterisk.

  0*248 (Represent extension zero at ITAD domain 248

Assigned Resource(s)

Per RFC3219, RFC8602 the following ITAD (IP Telephony Administrative Domain) parameter(s) has been delegated to my authority for management:

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